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Students' Entitlement

Novaturient School believes that all students are entitled to a curriculum that includes a wide range of learning opportunities. We provide out of the box creative ways for students to meet their individual learning targets alongside stretching their engagement and learning ability leading to progression. Novaturient values and ethos ensures that students are provided with continuous opportunities for life, skills for work and academic achievements in all core subjects, alongside the development of their Social Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Well-being. Being a small independent school we have a high level of experienced staff providing two to one ratio of support to students. This allows us to provide social time so students can build trust and form positive relationships, leading to a sense of belonging. 

Extra curricular Learning

Students at PCT Education also have the opportunities to learn other skills that interest them.

We work with a local Kickboxing gym to offer students a safe environment to learn  new skills and keep fit in a fun, active way. 

If students want to learn about a manual career, we work with ace-project who specialise in mechanics, construction and carpentry. Here students can learn skills that prepare them for a alternative future in education, because in the end not every student is geared for academic learning.

Wild Project

PCT Education has undertaken a new and exciting project called WILD. The project has been developed and is managed across both schools. All aspects of the project are fully insured and risk assessed, providing a safe environment for all involved.

The objective of the project is to take the learning environment outside the classroom and encourage young people to use their imaginations and explore the world around them. All areas of the curriculum can creatively use the space to bring their subjects alive.

WILD is situated in the centre of the countryside. We have 25 amazing acres of woodland to explore.

Bush craft skills

The woods have a lot to offer our students; we have a structured programme that is built around their interests alongside stretching their knowledge and providing a safe environment to push their boundaries. 

Students have an opportunity to learn bush craft skills, building up to an overnight stay under the stars staying in their own shelter.

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