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Novaturient Parent Support

Being a parent is never easy, so here at Novaturient we want to give you as much support as we can. We want to support you. We’re not here to judge you or make you feel bad about things, and we understand that the journey you have already had just to get here, has probably been stressful and difficult.


Support can be many things, from a quick regular catch up on the phone each week, to regular visits in a place that suits you (school, home or other local venue). It can also be attending meetings or courses with you, looking after your Family Support Plan, contacting other services on your behalf, liaising with other professionals, helping you with paperwork, listening when you just need to talk, or helping you find ways to change the things at home that aren’t working out. It’s whatever you need it to be. 


If you have something on your mind, perhaps you’re wondering what to do for the best, or how to discuss a tricky issue, or, how best to support your child with a particular behaviour or problem, then Parent Support can help. It doesn’t have to be a worry or a concern though, you can just feel like a chat about things. It’s very important for us to build strong and open relationships with our students' families because we are all working together to support the learning and development of your child, so they can grow to be happy and confident young people. 


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