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There is no statutory requirement for schools to provide Enrichment opportunities, but it is encouraged by the Department for Education (DfE) and Ofsted. Ofsted's inspection framework emphasises the importance of personal development and extending the curriculum beyond academic achievement. We see it as necessary that all of our students have access to do things they love, as this helps build passion and confidence across the board. We feel it is essential that students get to do something for no other reason than they have an interest or passion in that thing.


Within the Enrichment team, we support students to engage with life-affirming activities that support socialisation, personal growth, self worth and support to bring families together. We offer activities and trips designed to expand the skills and experiences that children have — this is known as Enrichment. Such activities included Circus Skills Workshops, after school dance club 'Beat Inspiration' and engagement with local activities such as the 'Out There Festival'. See included information to get a better idea of what we do.

We also know that 1:1 support can work best with some students, so some may be supported around 1:1 personal activity. These include completing a piece of artwork, caring for the school dog, having time in the local Cat Café or making a miniature garden.We offer 1:1 personal therapy for all students that wish to engage with it. We want to support our student's mental health and emotional resilience, so we feel it is essential to offer these 1:1 sessions, at times seeing students through the holiday periods to support continuity and a high level of support.


We are responsible for Family Support and look to build robust and resilient relationships with our student's homes/families. We know that if the student's family is engaged and behind the school, our students will achieve better results, be happy in school, and have an overall better educational experience, paving the way for college and further learning.This can take a long time due to some of our family's previous educational experiences. We look to carry out weekly contact/home visits, if necessary, to build these relationships and offer any support we can.

We also support staff with regular clinical supervision for all staff members to use. This is an opportunity for staff members to have a space to explore worries, concerns and difficulties they may be having.This space offers the opportunity to support staff with understanding the conscious and unconscious processes that might be present within the classroom and to explore the relationships and dynamics between both staff and students. Research has shown that this style of support increases staff morale, effectiveness, and confidence and decreases stress, burnout, and absence.

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